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Program Overview

Key Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Transformex is a focused program designed for early-stage startups seeking to navigate the complexities of growth and scalability. Recognizing the critical role of precise mentorship and financial backing, it aims to bridge the gap between foundational passion and sustainable success, drawing inspiration from the trajectories of giants like Apple and Google.

Two Phases over Six Months: With weekly interactive sessions, the program delves into every facet of startup success, emphasizing real-world application of discussed techniques.

Phase 1:
Foundation and Growth

  • Duration: 3 months, with weekly interactive sessions
  • Content: A holistic approach covering all facets essential for startup success, paired with interactive activities and assignments.
  • Objective: To apply learned concepts directly to your startup, including a thorough analysis and restructuring of your business model.
  • Inclusivity: Program fees cover the entire startup, allowing all co-founders to participate.
  • Outcome: Equips you with a refined pitch deck, investor-ready.

Phase 2: 

Pitching and Funding

  • Guidance on crafting compelling pitch presentation.
  • Opportunities for mock investor pitches.
  • Access to our extensive investor network.
  • Tailored advice based on investor feedback.
  • Diverse funding avenues, including government schemes, private investment, or financial institutions, with potential for equity, debt, or grants.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Early-stage startups from any location.
  • Annual revenue of up to 5 Crore.
  • Structured as a registered Proprietorship,
    Partnership, or Private Limited Company.
  • Startup age ranging from 0 to 5 years.

Submit your application and let our experts assess your fit for this transformative journey. Selected startups will be provided with a full proposal and draft agreement to commence our partnership.

  • Phase 1 Investment: Rs. 36,000 per startup.
  • Explore Phase 2 upon completing Phase 1.

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