WEBINAR on Entrepreneurship Development for organisations / institutes 

Entrepreneurship is a Career Option

Entrepreneurship is a Career Option and Not a Risky Adventure in todays era of Information and technology. It is a career that one can get trained for and approach with effective toolkit of techniques and strategies.

Innovation is The Key to Entrepreneurship

Innovation is to create something new, not necessarily a hi-tech gadget, but just about anything. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate outcome of any innovation. How do you ensure the innovation gets transformed into Entrepreneurship ?

Mentoring is Pivotal in Entrepreneurship

While it is good to learn from own mistakes it is better to learn from the others. Mentoring is just focuses on that. Help you learn from the variety of mistakes done in startups and avoid the past mistakes.


Entrepreneurship has multiple dimensions and we organise and conduct seminars / webinars on various topics for Schools / Colleges to motivate students and present to them the journey of Entrepreneurship in the right light along with hand-son ideas and techniques.

The topic of the Webinar can be discussed in advance and decided. We will prepare the contents and design of the webinar to suit your expectations.

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Its a Webinar designed to help the Students of your organisation !

Investment : Rs. 5000 / session

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