Have you got a great idea and thinking whether to start a company? Or are you someone who just got started on the journey of entrepreneurship?

Come join this power packed orientation program and understand challenges of Business. This program will give you insights of how to get started with your own business and how to build it. By the end of the program you will have a crisply defined and clearly understood Business Model with concrete action points for your idea. 

This program will set you on the right platform to accelerate growth of your Startup.

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* 16 Pre-recorded Video Lessons *
* Each Lesson accompanied with work assignments *

1. Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?
  • Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?
  • Assessment
2. The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Assessment
3. Tools of Leadership for Entrepreneurs
  • Tools of Leadership for Entrepreneurs
4. Know your Startup
  • Know your Startup
5. Co-founding & Hiring
  • Co-founding & Hiring
6. Understanding your Competition
  • Understanding your Competition
7. Understanding Your Market
  • Understanding Your Market
8. Prepare Your Business Model Canvas
  • Prepare Your Business Model Canvas
9. Building a unique Product or Solution
  • Building a unique Product or Solution
10. Go To Market Strategy
  • Go To Market Strategy
11. Accounting Basics & Revenue Model
  • Accounting Basics & Revenue Model
12. Funding & Valuation
  • Funding & Valuation
13. Types of Companies
  • Types of Companies
14. Registrations & Compliances
  • Registrations & Compliances
15. Prepare Your Pitch Deck
  • Prepare Your Pitch Deck
16. Build your B-Plan Document
  • Build your B-Plan Document

Startup Flight Course Promise

Value for Money

With a set of power packed sessions the program is perfect value for your money. The Investment you make for this course is nothing compared to the immense value you gain.

Value for Time

Uniquely designed as multiple sessions of 5 to 15 minutes each, you would be experiencing the complete journey of Entrepreneurship. Within these sessions you would be able to make a decision of your startup growth prospect. 


The course is designed to provide you access and practice for the right tools and techniques to understand your Startup Idea in its completeness. You will be able to clearly decide the future course of action for your Startup Idea.


The tools and techniques you learn are not just limited to theoretical purpose but are meant to practice and make it a skill so that you can take actions that make a difference.

About the Coach

Prakash Mugali

Serial Entrepreneur | Startup Coach | Pro-MMA Athlete | TEDx Speaker

An entrepreneur is someone who see's, shows and walks a new way. Its a journey to the unknown, yet to a destination which is so living in his mind. Prakash Mugali had the opportunity to live this journey time and again with more than 7 startups which he co-founded. Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. remains his first and the most accomplished startup with 8 Patents, Journal Papers, Strategic partnerships and a commendable Brand presence in the world. He has won 7 highly prestigious National Awards. His passion is to help Startups find their right direction.

Why wait more ? 

Enroll now at Just Rs. 7500 /- and begin the transformation of your Startup !

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